French polishing & modern spray finishing of furniture & interiors on the Isle Of Wight

Get a Quote

 If you are wondereing what it would cost to have an item (or items) refinished it can save time to get an intitial quote or estimate for a job without waiting for me to visit your home or premises. I will do my best to provide you with an quote (or esitmate) using your description of the job and any supporting pictures you send. Sending more than a single picture can also help to produce a more accurate quotation.

I will always follow up successful email quotes/estimates with a visit to your home or premises to clarify the price ahead of any work.

To obtain your quotation/estimate please use the  CONTACT PAGE  where you can attach pictures from your smartphone (or other device) along with your message.

*Please note: attaching pictures to texts can be costly so avoid that by using my contact page.

All enquiries responded to within 24hrs (monday to friday) when possible.