Kitchen Re-Finishing

I offer a re-finishing service for kitchens that may be tired, worn of their finish, undesirable colours or maybe just painted poorly. The general rule is if a kitchen is in good servicable order then it is usually a good prospect for re-finishing.

The existing finish may not need stripping completely but instead can be rubbed down and primed for re-finishing. Doors, draws and (if needed) fixtures can be spray finished with  new lacquer using any choice of colour (and sheen) from popular paint ranges such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Zoffany etc.

Procedure wise most parts can be finished in the workshop typically taking from 3 – 5 days – following this I would aim to be on site (in the kitche) for  2- 3  days to clean maximum to rub down, mask up and refinish the fixed parts to the same standard.

A modern dustless sanding machine and an effective fume extractor means the messy part of the job is kept to a bare minimum. You would also (usually) be able carry on using your kitchen at the end of each working day during the process.

Wooden worktops are often worth re-finishing if they are servicable and without severe damage –  I cannot normally offer re-finishng of laminate (or non wood) type worktops.

If you are interested in a no-obligation quotation for having your kitchen refinished I am happy to provide one and can usually offer a preview sample of a new finish on the rear of one of your existing door or drawers.  I use the same high resistance Lacquers as the industry and can usually produce a finish of the same quality.

If you are interested in an estimate for kitchen re-finishing you can get in touch using the CONTACT FORM