😯 How much will it cost to refinish my table/chairs/sideboard/doors etc?

🙂 Dining table prices start from £70+ for some one piece tables and then from £100+ for tables with separate leaves. If your table can seats 8 or more then £130 upwards is a starting guide price. Chairs prices start from £25 per chair (in numbers) to re-finish.
Small sized sideboards can start from £90+ to refinish. Doors vary in price – example; a flush/flat interior doors can start from £60 per door (+ materials) for a spray finish in tough high resistance lacquer. All prices given are approximate and provide a general guide. For a more accurate estimates please use the CONTACT FORM

 😯 Generally how long does it take to re-finish an item of furniture ?

🙂 From collecting the job to delivering it back generally takes about 1 – 2 weeks. Dining tables can be turned around the same week if requested.

 😯 Do you charge for collection & delivery?

🙂 I do not charge seperately for coll’ & deliv’ as it usually factored in to your job quote. It’s usually either only £5 or £10 depending on job distance.

 😯 Is VAT added onto my job price?

🙂 No, I am not currently VAT registered.

 😯 Can I ask about something not covered here?

🙂 Yes, please use the  CONTACT FORM