😯How much will it cost to refinish my table/chairs/sideboard/doors etc?

🙂 Dining table prices start from £70+ for smaller sized one piece tables and from £100+ for tables with separate leaves. If your table can seats 8 or more then £130 upwards is a starting guide price. Chairs prices start from £25 per chair (when in number) to re-finish.
Small sized sideboards can start from £90+ to refinish. Doors vary in price – ie; a flush/flat interior doors can start from £60 per door (+ materials) for a spray finish in lacquer. All prices given are approximate and provide a general guide. For a more accurate estimate please use the CONTACT FORM.

 😯 How long does it take to re-finish an item of furniture ?

🙂 Generally from collecting the job to delivering it back takes about 1 – 2 weeks usually.

 😯 Collection & delivery charge?

🙂 I don’t charge seperately for collection and delivery, it’s usually factored into a job quote around the rate of £5 or £10 depending on distance unless you want to make your own arrangements.

 😯 What is your preffered payment method?

🙂 It’s Bank Transfer or Cheque please.

Cash is also acceptable and I’ll always do my best to meet each customers payment options.

Some good news comes in cheques now being able to be banked with a smartphone. 🙂

😯 Is VAT added onto my job price?

🙂 There is no VAT to add as I am not a VAT registered business.

 😯 Can I ask about something not covered here?

🙂 Please use the  CONTACT FORM