Furniture Re-Finishing

I offer a re-finishing service for furniture and/or interiors that may be worn, tired looking, surface damaged or simply just need a new look.  All that is usually needed to restore furniture/woodwork back to its original condition (or new look) is the removal of the old finish and the application of a new one.

I undertake finishing of most types of furniture from antique to modern with traditional finishes such as French Polish or modern spray finish lacquers.  Modern high resistance finishes using clear or paint lacquer finishes for light/medium use and going up to tougher lacquers for severe use/wet areas.  All popular colour ranges and sheen choices matched from  ranges incl’ Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Zoffany etc.

Interior Finishing

All types of interior finishing undertaken, kithens. doors, panelling, handrails,  architraves. Fitted furniture also finished (or refinished) such as wardrobes, cupboards, mdf builds etc.  Modern high resistance paint lacquer finishes for kitchens, bathroom and bedroom furniture and suites etc.

 Special Finishes

Finishes including, distressting, liming, white-washing, piano type finishes, colour matching/colour correction etc etc.